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September 2012

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Beyond the View…

Beyond the View: Impact through Contemporary Creative Practice and Exhibition is an initiative from the School of Media, Art and Design at Canteury Christ Church University: Broadstairs Campus. It provides an online location where specific research activities, conferences, creative practice and knowledge exchange projects can be evidenced and their impact assessed.

How Art Impacts Our Life

Our existence is meant to be special no matter who we are or where we live. Humankind needs different ideas and ways of doing things as well as a whole new approach based on respect, proper understanding and empathy. The world of art and culture in which we spend our days is a vital source for proper solutions towards the path of beauty with all possible manifestations.

Art has a great positive impact on our existence because it reveals a whole new concept of how a valuable path on Earth should be experienced. Escorts from for example reveal an eye for everything that is beautiful. If you have ever had the chance to spend a whole day with a London escort you have definitely discovered the beauty of living based on everything that is attractive from looks to visuals and aestheticism in general.

Art and Culture at the Core of Human Behavior

The value of society is of utmost importance for every person living on Earth. Transitioning the values of society from one generation to another is a step that we should all keep in mind. Living with an artistic élan with its standard meaning is not a must but appreciating beauty in each and every aspect of our existence is required for a successful transition towards acceptable human behavior.

Ingenuity and good taste are the core practice in a society in which we want participative representations of valuable human behavior. Triggering proper reflection, generating empathy and respect as well as fostering new ideas and relationships are all positive effects of art on our life. Learning to express ourselves freely, shape and share common values are other representations of culture in society.

The great variety of forms and craftsmanship representations enable us all to find ways in which to express ourselves and appreciate the beauty in other people’s work. No matter you like sculpture, painting, ceramics, music or any other form of art, the great thing is that you receive the chance to appreciate its beauty. Visiting art galleries to see the works of people we admire is such a great way of spending quality time alone or with escorts who share our taste for beauty and imagination.

We have all discovered at least once a great painting or photograph we could simply relate to. Having such items at home does wonders when it comes to building a positive lifestyle based on feelings and artistry that simply makes us feel good. Having walls decorated with amazing paintings is just the way in which people, the same as escorts, can envision their way of perceiving the essence of life and the role of aesthetic representations in society.

A beautiful painting or sculpture as well as a suggestive photography can totally change your mood. Escorts are the clear representation of people who love culture and art in all of their graphical forms. If you have ever entered the house of a London who works at you have discovered the beauty of proper interior decoration through talent and visual graphics. This will make you enjoy her company even more and discover that an encounter with this person is not a simple but a valuable one. The great thing these days is that we all gain easy access to the work of talented people wherever we live across the globe.