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September 2012

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Yurt Works – Pulling Out The Plug

Under the CCCU Future Initiative Scheme funding was awarded for the purchase of a purpose built yurt which we readily transformed into a mobile camera obscura and photographic darkroom. It offers a number of means of engaging with traditional image making methods and endorses the belief in teaching and learning being informed by sustainability. For the School’ the use of traditional (non digital) technologies is not motivated by a wish to construct any opposition, but rather to reveal that innovative and creative technologies have been successfully utilised by image makers long before the arrival of the digital screen or electrical power supplies.

The Yurt is a wonderful resource facilitating numerous exciting mobile workshops with partners such as Turner Contemporary, Obsolete Studios and SEAS Photography as well as providing innovative curriculum design for CCCU undergraduate Programmes. It has been key to providing alternative process demonstrations in innovative spaces such as the Turner Contemporary, Margate – providing a darkroom for Obsolete Studios within the Gallery setting.

Obsolete Studios

Obsolete Studios was started in 2012 by Rob Ball out of a need to produce a practice-based creative event and exhibition. Since the inaugural event at the Pie Factory in Margate, Obsolete Studios has grown into a space for collaboration, performance, experimentation, and the production of new projects using traditional photographic techniques. This short film by CCCU filmmaker Ben Rowley, shows the work and practice of Rob Ball. It was shot at Turner Contemporary, Margate as part of the 2013 Curiosity: Art & the Pleasure of Knowing.

Obsolete Studios’ are particularly interested the process and conventions of the photographic – and how this can be used to create new work within a contemporary context. Obsolete Studios recently showed at Format and a series of exhibitions and events are planned for summer 2013.

Whilst we envisage evolution, development and modification to the content available here, we also anticipate that the site will act as a growing archive of completed projects