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Beyond The View (BTV) is a movement that seeks to facilitate deeper, transcendent experiences of nature, helping people to find purpose, meaning, wholeness and delight.

Image and Word

Combining image and word, we provide reflection and insight on how to ‘see beyond the view’.  Whilst the images attempt to capture commonly shared moments of transcendence, the words are a reflection on what this means.

Discover the book

‘Beyond The View’ is a 250 page coffee table book that combines evocative photographs of wild nature with prose, poetry and personal story, that captures the mystical heart of nature.

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Poems have a power beyond prose, being able to encapsulate what is felt in a concise, vibrant way. Our self-penned poems include a selection of blessings.

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Beyond The View Slideshow

Photos of awe, beauty, mystery and wonder, are set to music in a 9 minute video that takes you on a journey through nature that evokes the spirit of the mountains, rivers, forests and sea.

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Latest Reflections​​

Our reflections are a series of articles that take a deep look at different aspects of connecting with nature at a spiritual level.  If you would like to contribute, please get in touch, as we’d love to hear from you.


Beyond Names

Names are important. In the landscape, names are part of the culture, representing part of local history and with a meaning that sum up the character of the place – Lakeland names like Lingmoor (heather moor), Langstrath (long valley), Sleddale (flat or even valley), Great Gable (gable on a roof top).

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The Beginning and End of Time?

13.75 billion years ago light emerged from the dark which the Greeks knew as ‘chaos’. All the ingredients required to build hundreds of billions of galaxies were contained in matter far smaller than a single atom. Matter was not flung into an empty void, but all of space-time came into being everywhere at once, born infinite but unimaginably squashed.

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Life is made up of rhythms. There is an innate, primal connection between the rhythms of the sun and the rhythms of the soul. People of many religions and none understand that the movement of the sun and moon pro­foundly affect us on earth. Our calendars, weeks, seasons and festivals are shaped by these rhythms.

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Beyond The View - The Book

Beyond The View is a pilgrimage through nature, providing reflection and insight on how to ‘see beyond the view’ – to connect with all things at the deepest level, aware that everything is connected to everything else. It is a mystical book that combines evocative photographs of wild nature with prose, poetry and personal story. 

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