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Connecting with Words

Poems have a power beyond prose, being able to encapsulate what is felt in a concise, vibrant way. Our self-penned poems include a selection of blessings in the Celtic tradition.

A Blessing for a New Day

As its name suggests, this is a blessing for the start of the day. The essence of the poem is that all of nature is good, whatever the day brings, and can bless us if we accept it as such.

A Sabbath Blessing

This is a poem about freedom – the freedom to be in nature.  It is a blessing of release from the treadmill and demands of life, seeing nature as a sanctuary.

A Midsummer Blessing

Midsummer is a time of favour, light and life. This blessing celebrates this time of flourishing and draws on the peace of sitting beside the river on a balmy summer’s evening.

A Blessing for the Journey

Written before embarking on a pilgrimage through the Lake District, this is a blessing of preparation to engage the traveller with the spiritual.

A Blessing for the Journey II

A second poem for the journey, this is more of an intentional blessing, suggesting ways in which the reader might find spiritual connection on the journey.

A Commissioning Blessing

This marks the end of a journey in nature, celebrating what has been experienced, and calling the pilgrim to carry the experience with them and to let it change life in the everyday.

A New Day

This short blessing encapsulates the freshness of the early morning, looking forward to the day ahead with an open heart. It could be used as a meditation at the start of the day.

Water of Life

This poem is intended as a blessing to be used at a ceremonial cleansing at a natural pool or river. It was written with a special pool in Eskdale in mind.


A Child's Eyes

This rhyming poem is based on many shared experiences in the mountains with my young son.  It is a homage to the glorious instinctiveness and joy of childhood exploration of nature.

The Place that Calls

This piece was written from the perspective of the mountain, giving a voice to the mountain cathedral to capture its character.  It is based on Pillar Rock.

The Endless River

This poem was written as my mother was dying of cancer.  It draws parallels between the water cycle and the cycle of life from the beginnings of life to the unknown shore.

A Watery War

This short prose is a highly personal account of a near drowning in my local river when in spate. It is a reminder that nature is neither benign nor caring – it just is.