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Partners & Friends

Beyond The View works with a range of organisations who are seeking to mend our broken world in different but complimentary ways. If you might like to join us, please get in touch.


Mountain Pilgrims

Mountain Pilgrims is an emerging community of people that seek to re-imagine the outdoor experience, by meeting together to talk, walk and journey together.

Soul Rewilding

Soul Rewilding offers a range of  development programmes set in inspiring nature settings; from  building active hope and agency to enabling individuals to discover and live their deeper soul purpose.

Fell Foodie

Harrison Ward, perhaps better known as Fell Foodie, is an outdoorsman and cook who loves to recreate restaurant style meals on minimal equipment (usually a campstove) in remote locations. 

Discovery Church

Discovery Church is a community who gather in the natural beauty of the beach at Dunbar.  All are invited to share in gatherings including those with faith and those with questions.

Lakeland Walking Tales

This blog describes memorable Lake District walks and recounts the tales that surround them, enriching the experience by giving fresh insights into the men and women, real or mythical, who trod these paths before us.

Men in the Mountains

Men in the Mountains takes men out of the confines of church buildings and into the great outdoors, to explore faith, wonder and purpose while walking, talking and journeying together.