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Deeper Connection

We’ve developed a set of 10 cards to help you go deeper in nature. The front of each card has an image, with a suggestion on the reverse to help you connect deeper the next time you’re out in nature. Please contact us if you’d like to distribute some printed cards.

#1 - Expectancy

Setting out with a mindset that you will see something new or in some way remarkable, makes it more likely that this will happen. 

#2 - Instinctiveness

Let yourself be instinctive and discover the freedom of following your nose, permitting yourself to respond to your curiosity and the call of the wild.

#3 - Engagement

Seeing beyond the view is not just about sight. It’s also about using all your senses to be fully immersed in nature, noticing how your emotions are influenced.

#4 - Simplicity

Taking as little with you as possible, whilst not exposing yourself to undue risks, means that you can connect with nature in a more intimate way

#5 - Stilling

To be still, requires that we take the time to stop and stare, reminding ourselves that we are not machines but human beings in a natural world.

#6 - Presence

It’s easier to be fully present if you are alone, phone silenced and freed of the need to achieve, looking around you with an enquiring eye. 

#7 - Imagination

Engage your mind’s eye to see things from a different perspective. See the magic in the world by imagining to add a layer of understanding.

#8 - Memory Making

Performing some form of ritual or celebration in the natural world, declares its importance and helps to cement our relationship with nature.

#9 - Freshness

In order to keep our adventures in the outdoors vibrant, we need to keep them fresh. by exploring somewhere new or exploring a familiar place in a new way.