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Lake District SSSS

BTV is proposing to establish the Lake District as a ‘Site of Special Spiritual Significance’ (SSSS). SSSS designation will create an exemplar – a focal point for spiritual connection through nature - fostering both spiritual engagement and connection with nature.

SSSS Proposal for the Lake District

We live in an age of when the disconnect between people and nature has never been more pronounced.  Establishing the Lake District as a Site of Special Spiritual Significance will help to bring about the re-connection with nature at the deepest level.

Spirituality and Place Case Study

This study shows that there is a spiritual dimension to rural visitors’ experiences of the countryside, and that spirituality, as a dimension of rural tourism, develops from a tri-partite relationship between  location, physical activity and sense of place.

‘Thin places’ in the Lake District Slideshow

This slideshow takes you on a journey of spiritual encounter through the Lake District, seeking to capture something of the timeless moments of transcendence experienced in the beauty of the fells and lakes of this remarkable landscape.